We have been forunate enough to meet great people in the business and television industry. As a result, we have worked on numerous sets with many different directors and in many different special events. Some of our MANY jobs include:

The Jeff Corwin Experience
Austin Stevens Snakemaster
King of the Jungle
El Vacilon de la Manana
Nigel's Wild Wild World
Exploration with Richard Wiese
Animal Exploration
Law and Order
C.S.I Miami
The Hunter and the Hunted
"Real World Miami" Taping
Caso Cerado
Special visit from Shaq
Celebration event with Jaime Fox
Educational show at the Florida Renaissance Festival
Corporate event for Wells Fargo
Anniversary event for All Pet Emporium
Elephant appreciation day at Two Tails Ranch
Animal Planets "Fatal Attraction"
2012 Thanksgiving Nat Geo commercial "Friendsgiving"
2013 Criss Angel Alligator Torture Escape - Believe Ep 102
2013 Wes Studi Photo Shoot
2013 Rick Ross "Ashamed" Video Recording
2013 2 Chainz "B.O.A.T.S. II# METIME Album Release Party - Atlanta

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